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Our commitments and progress across our priority environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and supporting documents.

查阅立博客户端app下载最新的可持续发展报告及相关文件,了解立博客户端app下载的可持续发展重点和企业社会责任战略. These include our Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) statement, ESG position statements and policies and letters of assurance from third parties.

Sustainability Report

立博客户端app下载的年度可持续发展报告描述了立博客户端app下载基于可持续发展优先事项和重点领域的方法和进展, with a Data Annex for performance measures and targets.

Annual sustainability reporting





Policies and standards

Our Global ABAC Standard supports our commitment to operate ethically, 具体解释如何在立博客户端app下载与任何形式的第三方交易中成为诚信的人.

这一政策定义了立博客户端app下载全球R背后的原则、行为和道德标准&D的努力. It covers topics such as: clinical trials, patient safety, privacy of information, genomic information, 转基因生物, animals in research, Nagoya protocol, 等.

立博客户端app下载希望立博平台成为一个让每个人都感到尊重、支持和安全的工作场所. 本文件阐明了立博客户端app下载的原则和责任,以确保立博客户端app下载的工作环境具有包容性, to free our diverse & uniquely talented employees to drive innovation and perform our best.

Our Code of Ethics is the foundation for our sustainability strategy. It defines our values at work and guides everything we do, ensuring that we deliver life-changing medicines in a responsible way.

Sets out requirements for processing personal data and aligns with and, 在某些情况下, exceeds the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. We value the personal data entrusted to us, and we are committed to collecting, 使用, 保留, and disclosing personal data in a fair, transparent and secure way.

本文件提供了识别和评估人体工程学危害和其他人为因素的最低标准. 人体工程学是指根据员工的生理和心理需求来设计工作场所.

本手册总结了立博平台认为做正确事情的要求,以及立博客户端app下载对与立博客户端app下载合作的所有第三方的期望, 对立博客户端app下载来说, or on our behalf. 这些期望是立博客户端app下载基本承诺的一部分,即只与遵守与立博客户端app下载一致的道德标准的人合作.

在分享目标方面,立博客户端app下载遵循良好出版物实践指南和ICMJE建议, 在不损害知识产权的情况下,提供有关立博客户端app下载研究的有意义的科学信息.


Our Global Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Standard describes our commitment to, 的管理, and accountability for SHE. 立博客户端app下载致力于为每个人提供一个身心安全的工作环境.

这些全球标准规定了立博客户端app下载对行为的期望,以确保每个人都感到受到尊重, supported and safe at work from any form of bullying and harassment, 是精神上的吗, physical or sexual.

本指南以立博客户端app下载的合规期望为基础,描述了立博客户端app下载对供应链可持续性的愿景. It also provides a common way to assess and reward performance by our sourcing teams.

This document outlines workplace noise and vibration hazards, 目的是保护人们免受与这些问题管理不善有关的健康影响.

Statements and publications

This document outlines our approach to making our medicines available and affordable, 以及立博客户端app下载如何与卫生保健系统合作,支持可持续获得卫生保健.

立博客户端app下载认识到,在某些情况下,患有严重或危及生命的疾病的患者已经用尽了所有可用的治疗方案,可能没有资格参加立博客户端app下载的一项临床试验. 在这种情况下,个别患者可能有资格早期获得立博平台的临床试验药物.

This Statement introduces our science-based approach to biodiversity. We are developing a deeper understanding of our relationship with nature, 立博客户端app下载承诺支持全球在实现《立博客户端app下载》目标方面取得进展.


This paper explores the interconnection between climate and health, and the need to decarbonise health systems while improving resilience.

本声明详细说明了立博平台如何尊重包括员工在内的所有利益相关者的权利, 病人, 供应商, 社区, and the environment. 立博客户端app下载致力于以尊严和尊重对待每个人,并确保与立博客户端app下载合作的第三方也这样做.

本声明描述了立博客户端app下载通过知识产权(IP)扩大医疗保健服务的承诺。. 立博平台将知识产权视为创新的驱动力,将导致新药的发现.

AstraZeneca is committed to operating with integrity and high ethical standards. 这包括确保立博客户端app下载的业务尊重人权——这一承诺反映在立博客户端app下载的《立博平台》中, 这是基于立博客户端app下载的公司价值观,并包括立博客户端app下载的全球“立博客户端app下载的互动”政策. 具体地说, 立博客户端app下载致力于确保在立博客户端app下载的业务中最大程度地识别和消除现代奴役或人口贩运.

This document intends to make our tax approach transparent by detailing our governance, risk management, 合规, 税收筹划, dealings with tax authorities, 等.

As a responsible healthcare company, 立博客户端app下载将有效管理与环境中药物相关的风险(PIE)作为优先事项。.


Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics defines our values at work and guides everything we do, ensuring that we deliver life-changing medicines in a responsible way.